Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire

From deep in the heart of Nantes out to the shores of the Atlantic, Estuaire is an open-air art collection unlike any other. These 33 works offer 33 occasions to stop and appreciate contemporary art stretching over 60 kilometres of estuary.

The Estuaire itinerary is the happy marriage between landscape, art and the river. This permanent collection can be discovered on foot, by bike, by car, or even by boat, every summer. And these different ways of exploring it offer a different perspective on these works, all of which were made by today’s greatest artists.

Enjoy a day trip from Nantes !


Picto accessibilité handicapA great number of the stops and venues are accessible to everyone.
In the event of specific needs, information is provided on the relevant page.
Please contact Le Voyage à Nantes and/or your service provider for further information.

On the water

Take advantage of a cruise to go to the point where the Loire River ends its course, in the ocean, and discover the estuary from a unique point of view, that of the river: port activities, remarkable natural areas, and the Estuaire works of art which interact with the landscapes.

From May to October
Departure from Nantes or Saint-Nazaire
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Preparing the journey