Estuaire itinerary
Le Jardin Étoilé
Kinya Maruyama

Visitors experience this space: here, you can walk, play, sit, breathe, or contemplate.

Paimbœuf is like a life-size adventure book, cast in a maritime past. Based on the riverbank of the Loire, the “star-studded garden”, soon to be classified “remarkable garden of the Loire-Atlantique”, is an ideal place to contemplate the landscape. Based on the constellation of Ursa Minor and the four cardinal points, architect-artist-landscape designer Kinya Maruyama used vernacular materials to build Le Jardin étoilé.

Kinya Maruyama, Le Jardin étoilé,
Kinya Maruyama, Le Jardin étoilé

Artwork created for Estuaire 2007 and 2009 with the support of the Caisse des Dépôts, with the participation of schools in Paimbœuf as well as the Lycée Louis-Brossaud in Saint-Nazaire and the Tokyo School of Architecture.