Accessibility for visitors with disabilities
Le Voyage is accessible to everyone!

Le Voyage à Nantes thinks about every one of its visitors: children, adults, those who do not hear as well as others, who do not speak the same language, who may not see as well, or not at all, those with learning disabilities, seniors, anyone in a wheelchair…

In Nantes, the green line guides visitors through public spaces, aiding guests in their discovery of the city’s diverse spots and artworks – all of which are set up in a variety of landscapes.

That said, certain visitors with specific needs may want to anticipate their visit. To this end, Le Voyage à Nantes has chosen to create specific tools offering the possibility of visiting LVAN sights and much of the city’s most interesting places autonomously. For example, there is an accessibility guide, maps of comfortable itineraries for guests in wheelchairs, videos in French sign language, an audio repertoire of accessible tools, and more. This content is available at all times from our websites so you can get informed and organized whenever and however you like. Unless otherwise noted in our guides and programmes, every space or work is deemed accessible to everyone. A description of the modalities of access is provided to allow each individual to gauge the level of accessibility they need, according to their individual case.

Our content and tools evolve and improve every year in this spirit!

Our guide for disabled people

The artistic trail ”Le Voyage à Nantes“ is accessible to all thanks to a special guide where you’ll find details about the access (physical, sensory or mental impairments). There is a specially adapted route for those with reduced mobility, and descriptions of the works, their presentation and their environment are adapted for different impairments.

This guidebook is available in french.

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Château des ducs de Bretagne

The Château des ducs de Bretagne was awarded the Tourisme & Handicap label for being accessible to all four disabilities (motor, sight, hearing, mental). It is a rare example in France of maximum accessibility in a 15th century building. And, though certain restrictions for accessibility linked to the historical monument remain, the Château is working hard to offer the best access possible to all of its content.

Admission is free for the disabled, and their companion.

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Musée d'histoire de Nantes, label Tourisme & Handicap - Château des ducs de Bretagne. Nantes

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