Who are we ?

Le Voyage à Nantes is a Société Publique Locale (a local, publicly-owned corporation) a product of the political will of both Nantes Métropole and the Ville de Nantes to begin a new chapter and exist alongside other major French and European cities by positioning and affirming itself as a coveted city for art and culture – i.e., the means it has chosen for its development as a tourist destination.

With Jean Blaise as its director, its mission is to promote the cultural project established by Nantes, and more generally the destination of Nantes Métropole.
Le Voyage’s strength is in its diversity. great monuments, fascinating sites, and diversity of attractions, projects from the city’s park services, local businesses and associations, etc., we are lucky enough today to enjoy a cultural panorama of such breadth and diversity that other regional capitals envy us.
In addition to cultural and heritage sites, there are many social spaces that aim at bringing people together and allowing locals to enjoy the event on a daily basis : The Cantine du Voyage, Playgrounds, street equipment, Stations Gourmandes, shops’signs designed by artists…
Visiting a city is never simply a question of walking around with a map. it is also an experience where one observes its movements and listens to its soft murmuring. Le Voyage trail offers surprising viewpoints and perspectives on our city that bring out its unique poetry and personality.
To this end, and what makes this structure exemplary, is the yearly event it organizes every summer highlighting this cultural project via an urban itinerary, where city spaces are filled with both temporary and permanent artworks.

Le Voyage à Nantes brings together :

  • Les Machines de l’île,
  • Le Château des ducs de Bretagne,
  • The Memorial of the abolition of slavery,
  • La HAB Galerie,
  • Le Parc des Chantiers,
  • The permanent art collections: The endless journey in Nantes / the Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire art trail and A journey in the vineyard
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They speak about us

Revue de presse : “Pascal Convert – Miroir des temps” – ART PRESS
Source : Les clefs du Van
Publié le 24/01/2023
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REvue de presse : “Le Voyage en hiver de Nantes” – toutelaculture.com
Pour une ambiance de Noël contemporaine, direction Nantes qui inaugure sa première édition du Voyage en hiver. Passez les fêtes avec carillons, lumières et bonshommes de neige !
Source : Le Voyage à Nantes (officiel)
Publié le 08/12/2022
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  • Director General: Jean Blaise
  • Director of the Château des ducs de Bretagne: Bertrand Guillet
  • Director of the Machines de l’île : Pierre Orefice
  • General Secretariat: Morgan Airiau
  • Administrative and Financial Management: Catherine Menant
  • Project Management: Astrid Gingembre
  • Programming and artistic production officers : Jenna Darde / Emmanuel Divet / Marie Dupas
  • Culinary promotion officer: Richard Baussay
  • Ile de Nantes Project Manager : Stéphanie Braka
  • Private partnerships officer: Guillaume Besnier-Darnay
  • Tourist Development Department: Aurélie Péneau
  • Communication Department: Stéphanie Olivier
  • Human Resources Department: Colette Pialat

To join us: candidatures@lvan.fr


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Destination Press
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