The endless journey

Throughout Nantes, you’ll find a green line painted on the ground.
All year long, it will lead you to the most unexpected places: from a work or art by a great contemporary artist to a remarkable example of our architectural heritage, from classic sites to undiscovered treasures, from a historical side street to a contemporary building, or from a surprising view of the city to a sunset on the Loire estuary! This public collection of roughly one hundred works by major artists is one of a kind in France, inviting visitors to discover the region in all its splendour.

Every summer, the green line throughout the city grows richer with ever more exciting features: contemporary artworks, great exhibitions, street furniture to stop and rest, artistically revamped shop signs, and more. Fun awaits you on the baks of the Loire!

Le Voyage à Nantes is also a perfume inspired by the vibrant energy of the city, the magnolia, the rain and the sea spray, created by Bertand Duchaufour.

Art shakes up the city!

Walk the green line


Lilian Bourgeat, Mètre à ruban, bâtiment Aethica, Nantes, création pérènne Estuaire Nantes Saint-Nazaire

Summer event

See you from 2 July to 11 September 2022.

Works in the public space, large-scale exhibitions and events.

The program is coming soon!

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Le Voyage à Nantes 2022

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