Parc des Chantiers / Les Machines de l’Île
La Galerie des Machines de l’île
The Machines de l'île Gallery

Discover the extraordinary machines in the halls of the former shipyards. New for 2022: The Butterfly Swarm!

A team of mad builders have set up their workshop in this warehouse : a performance area where each individual machine puts on a mini-show.

Jules Verne himself would have imagined a 12m high elephant going for a stroll along his hometown’s quaysides! Board this strange beast and see all the machines in the hangars of the former shipyards. An imposing 8m heron carries passengers and flies. Vegetation rubs up against mechanical plants and animals from the tree top canopy. You could be invited to take control of animals and admire the flight of the heron. Sketches of the machine in use as well as covering the whole creative design process are on display in this Gallery-Laboratory. Since 2014 the Giant Ant has been scurrying across the gallery. The four passengers it carries can control its legs, head and mandibles.

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