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Located at the crossroads of two indisputable, international stars of bike travel beloved by the public — La Vélodyssée (EuroVélo 1), La Loire à Vélo (EuroVélo 6), La Régalante (Nantes – Le Mont-St Michel), La Vélidéale (Lac de Vassivière – Saint-Nazaire) Traversée moderne d’un vieux pays (Nantes – Le Mont-St Michel) — and with its 794 km (493 mi.) of bike paths and more than 4,500 parking spots and 21,000 bike racks, Nantes and its surrounding region loves cycling!

According to the 2019 Parlons vélo list of most bikeable cities in France (data collected by the Fédération française des Usagers de la Bicyclette), Nantes is the nation’s second-best city with over 200,000 inhabitants. Currently, the modal share is 6%. And Nantes is aiming for 12% by 2030. Numbers aside, Nantes and its surrounding area have never stopped promoting cycling. Whether it’s for everyday travel or for just getting around town.

So, Nantes invites you to kick it into high gear and discover the region on two wheels!

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