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To encourage practices that stimulate curiosity, knowledge, and understanding without a compass or preconceived notions is our goal.

Le Voyage à Nantes intend to continue showing how unique Nantes is, based on its creativity, culture and significance, by rallying together so that it remains a destination that is accessible to all, in a spirit of freedom and conviviality.


The endless journey

Nantes sightseeing

Summer event

See you from 2 July to 11 September 2022.

Works in the public space, large-scale exhibitions and events.

The program is coming soon!

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Le Voyage à Nantes 2022

Around Nantes

Day trips from Nantes: extend the Journey, things to see, what to do and to discover outside the Green Line.

A food-lover paradise

Find the best gastronomic addresses in the city, its agglomeration and the vineyard.

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Take away LuluRouget - Les Tables de Nantes

Preparing for the journey