The journey in the Vineyards

From Nantes to Clisson, Le Voyage dans le Vignoble offers a welcome change of scenery: watching the sun set from the top of Butte de la Roche, walking along the Chaussée des Moines in Vertou, playing on the banks of the Sèvre, discovering Parc de la Garenne Lemot with a work by Eva Jospin, or the monumental Porte-Vue by Emmanuel Ritz in Château-Thébaud…


These stops offer which are as many ideas for walks to discover the vineyards near Nantes and its exceptional wines!

A day trip from Nantes!


Picto accessibilité handicapMost sites are accessible: information can be found on each establishment’s webpage. For specific details, please contact Le Voyage à Nantes or the service provider.

Let’s go to the vineyard : here are all the highlights between Nantes and Clisson !


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