See you in 2023 for the 7th edition
2018 edition, Permanent art work
Château de La Frémoire
Un homard à la Frémoire - Quand Même

At Château de La Frémoire, summer is all about lobster and Muscadet!

Starting at Chaussée des Moines, a path running along the Sèvre Nantaise river leads to a racetrack, where a cable ferry (designed and built by Chantier Marlo) offers a fun way to cross the river. Trails throughout the park will lead you to the rear of the castle: a 19th-century folie nantaise (i.e., a “pleasure palace from Nantes”) with its English-style park overlooking the Sèvre Nantaise.
The folie’s exterior will be opened up for the 7th edition of “Un homard à la Frémoire” (i.e., “a lobster at La Frémoire”), a yearly event that also hosts a wine bar of local AOC wines from Nantes, as well as an introduction to the vineyards, their terroirs and the wines they produce. Accompanying this, you can enjoy cuisine by chef Jean-Camille Gobet (from Que Manger) : fish, lobster, aperitif platters, shellfish and a selection of desserts.

In partnership with La Fédération des Vins de Nantes

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