Natural heritage
Le Loroux-Bottereau
Butte de la Roche
The Perfect Spot To Gaze At The Sunset Amoung The Vines

From the top of Butte de la Roche, you can see the Goulaine marsh, Muscadet vineyards and, in the distance, Nantes.

The Pont de l’Ouen bridge – located at the natural bottleneck where the two basins of the Goulaine marshlands (a Natura 2000 site) meet – is the only point of passage between its banks. On one side of the bridge is La Maison Bleue – a centre for discovering nature – and on the other is a path that will take you to the Butte de la Roche hill in 15 minutes. At the summit (47 metres / 155 ft.), a map will point out the surrounding bell towers, the Château de Goulaine, Nantes, and the Loire Valley. The landscape (360°!) is superb regardless of the season: lakes in the winter, immense meadows dotted with willows and criss-crossed by canals in the summer… It’s the ideal spot to watch the sun set, right in the heart of the vineyards!

Exhibitions at the Maison bleue

Every year from April to early November. Four to five exhibitions on the theme of nature and the marsh are scheduled and concern all artistic practices (paintings, sculptures, photographs, writings, etc.).