2020 edition, Estuaire itinerary, Permanent art work
Mairie de Château-Thébaud
Le Porte-Vue
Emmanuel Ritz

This belvedere is located in the village of Château-Thébaud, behind the town hall. It offers a panoramic view of the Pont Caffino leisure centre situated 30 meters (100 feet) below, and the vineyards of Maisdon-sur-Sèvre.

For architect Emmanuel Ritz, a specialist in mountain lookout points: “Constructing a belvedere is as much about showcasing the beauty of the landscape seen from the spur point as it is about featuring the belvedere itself.” In La Porte-Vue, we see this dual desire at work: both to reveal the landscape’s spirit in its magical and sensorial dimensions, while also offering an audacious design that contrasts with the secret nature of its access point.

This arrow-like structure darts out towards the granite cliffs on the opposite side of the valley, the view is pristine, allowing visitors to take in all 360° of their surroundings. Emmanuel Ritz’s goal is to domesticate this void and make it accessible to all, while the outward stretch of the cantilevered deck showcases the landscape and its observers.

Financing: Clisson Sèvre et Maine Agglomération (project sponsor): 29%; Pays de la Loire region: 25%; Loire-Atlantique department: 15%; town of Château-Thébaud: 15%; Europe – LEADER programme: 11%; French state: 5%.