2020 edition, Permanent art work
Port de la Haye-Fouassière
Embarquement I.II.III.
100 Détours et JKA

La Haye-Fouassière was once an intense hub of activity where sand would be transported via wooden barges pulled by men or horses over a towpath. The skiffs would also be used to transport wine, lime, and a type of cake called fouace, which gave the town its name.

With the generous participation of 100 Détours (a company specializing in upcycling exterior wooden furniture), this Sèvre River-side site was transformed in 2016 through the installation of fixed, submersible outdoor furniture (shareable benches and tables named Embarquement I and II). And, since the summer of 2020, it has been home to a new playground: Embarquement III! This little park is like an origami of abstract, playable surfaces intended to stimulate a child’s imagination: “We wanted to design a playground that was not figurative: something other than an animal, a ship, raft or vessel; something other than a monster, a tree or a fortress. Here, adults and children are entrusted with reappropriating it.”

Un dimanche au port

Wine tastings, and purchase of muscadet (by the glass and/or bottle), as well as light refreshments.

Sundays, from June 4 to September 3, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (except in case of inclement weather).