Parc des Chantiers / carrousel
Le Carrousel des Mondes Marins
See world merry-go-round: a poetic journey in the sea bed, the abyss or on the surface of the sea

An extraordinary experience on the site of the former shipyards. Discover amazing machines: Giant Crab, Pirate fish, Reverse Propulsion Squid, Manta Ray, Jellyfish.

A genuine 360° theatre, nearly 25m high and 22m in diameter has been implanted on the banks of the Loire. Its 3-tier concrete lace design under a big top is decorated with pediments and guarded by 16 fishermen from every ocean in the world. You climb onto an incredible sculpture where you are spectator to strange and worrying sea creatures in a colossal 3-tiered cake. Witness the sea every which way, from the depths of the bottom, through the abysses, right up to the surface of the sea.

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