Estuaire itinerary, Permanent art work
Portail 0°-90°, Portail 8°-98°
François Morellet

For this piece, the artist had fun with the restrictions imposed upon him: the first, that he had to create the main gate to the public square. The second was the location: on one side, the lines of the building, on the other, the Loire.

If the first gate, straight and solemn, indicates the entrance to the public square outside the Hôtel de Région and fulfills the expressed demand, the second gate shakes it up and makes reference to the Loire, which is already guilty of sinking some of Nantes’ great mansions.
With this work, created in 1987, François Morellet offers a certain vision of the river. This relationship to the Loire is what we wished to highlight by making it part of the Estuaire artistic trail.

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