Estuaire itinerary
Villa Cheminée

A view between nature, industry and art

Estuaire is an artistic adventure divided into three parts, with its epilogue scheduled for 2012. Each of edition (2007-2009-2012) gives worldwide artists the opportunity to create perennial artworks in Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and all along the Loire estuary. Each installation, fascinating as it is, will inspire our perception of the landscape, and will draw a different perspective on an exceptional natural environment. For Estuaire 2009, Tatzu Nishi produced his first perennial creation at Cordemais. Referring to the imposing “iron castle”, he created an identical copy of one of the tower of the power station:a 15m high tower on the riverbank. At its top, visitors will be able to rest and to enjoy the viewpoint in a little garden. Visually stunning, Tatzu Nishi’s piece engages with our ability to imagine reality. It starts like a Jules Verne’s novel: where does this house come from? Are the power station’s chimneys copies of this relic? 

The Villa Cheminée is a small house about 16m² with one bedroom with a double bed, a small kitchen with chimney, bathroom and toilets.
 A caution of 500 euros will be taken at your arrival.

A visit without sleeping there?

Visit (free access) Sundays 14.00 – 18.00 (except in case of strong wind).
Limited capacity.
Sanitary measures: gauge limited to 10 persons, regular cleaning of surfaces.

Getting organised to discover the Estuary