2017 edition, Permanent art work

Micro-architecture to rent.

Myrtille Drouet’s work examines questions of interstitial spaces in our urban environment and, for Le Voyage à Nantes, she decided to build a life-size version of her experimental concept: the Micr’Home.

Perched 5 metres (16 ft.) above ground, Micr’Home is spread over three 2 metre-wide (7 ft.) floors, resulting in a 26 m2 (280 sq. ft.) home, with all the essential spaces: living room/kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.

The particularity of the exercise lies in the technical research and experiments needed to build in the space between the two buildings: in this case, a 2.78 metre-wide (9.1 ft.) volume above street-level between two buildings in the heart of the historical city-centre. Inside, the shape posed a real challenge.