2017 edition, Permanent art work
Artist designed room - Cambronne Hotel

For one night, he thus offers the experience of a truly vital space.

As a sculptor, Simon Thiou’s work attempts to undo the limits of raw materials and space. He saw his room at Hôtel Le Cambronne as a blank page upon which he could elaborate his thinking about domestic environments. Thiou adapts this idea of Utopia (etymologically, “no place”) to a real space – a hotel room, which is precisely that: an often impersonal space that one simply passes through.

Treat the room as a free plan and adapt it any way you like. Move the modules, each of which contain one or several functions, and lay them out however suits you best. Electrical outlets are placed at regular intervals throughout the room for you to plug in any of the units that need them.

Cellule Vitale
Simon Thiou

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