2012 edition, Estuaire itinerary, Permanent art work
Parc des Chantiers (face au Carrousel)
Station Prouvé

Jean Prouvé is considered to be one of the most inventive architects of the 20th century, and his work contains some of the most significant examples of the modern period.

Commissioned by Total at the end of the 1960s to develop a new brand image, the Station Prouvé is a prototype for a gas station designed to be moved to different locations depending on changes in traffic conditions.

Refurbished for Estuaire 2009, it allows visitors to experience and share a moment in the history of design. Here, you will find all the services of Nantes.Tourisme to help you organize your stay: brochures, tickets, guided tours, Passes, and more.

Station Prouvé par Jean Prouvé
Station Prouvé, Jean Prouvé