Estuaire itinerary, Permanent art work
Nantes, Parc des Chantiers
Résolution des forces en présence
Vincent Mauger

Starting from simple systems and building materials, Vincent Mauger creates objects that play with differences in perspective and scale, inviting visitors to constantly readjust their physical and mental positions.

Since his construction methods remain visible, the spectator is allowed to take hold of the works and imagine continuing their construction or modify their configuration. The artist thus materializes what our mental space, our way of thinking, our physical presence in a given space and, by extension, our presence in the world might be.

This object calls to mind the very idea of Nature itself through his choice of material: wood. Long stakes are attached to a central matrix, creating a kinetic effect when walking around it. The mind then tries to find a use for it, revealing the object’s ambiguity. Like a medieval or antique war machine, its size and volume make it majestic – and just as equally frightening.

Résolution des forces en présence, Vincent Mauger
Résolution des forces en présence, Vincent Mauger