Along the Erdre River
Relaxing on the water

Alternate between wooded parks and marshlands containing true ecological treasures. Discover them by bike, on foot, or by boat.

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Want to discover the banks of the Erdre?

L’Erdre est un véritable appel à la balade. L’occasion d’apercevoir quelques «folies nantaises», ces Its banks are dotted with beautiful homes known as “Nantes follies”: manor houses and castles built for Nantes’ rich merchants in the 18th century (Château de la Gascherie, Château de la Poterie and Château de la Desnerie).
From Nantes: take the section of the GR3 that runs along the Erdre

The Erdre in the heart of the city

Want to see real floating islands, a laundry barge transformed into a tavern, and shelters for the local fauna and flora? Then the banks of the Erdre River are well worth a visit! Enjoy the certified river heritage and walks along the quaysides, take a break on sunny patio tables before visiting the Maison de l’Erdre on Île de Versailles, and see the converted houseboats that are moored there.

Les Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre

The must-see jazz event, last weekend in August

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