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Le long de l’Erdre
Les Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre
Jazz et belle plaisance: the only free jazz festival in France

Located in Nantes and along the Erdre and the canal, 14 towns will host some 100 concerts and 200 boats, carried by over 300 musicians and 600 boaters.

In Nantes, the heart of the festival is located on the quays of the Erdre from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 August: a gathering of heritage boats from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning in the Bassin Ceineray, and 6 stages presenting the full diversity of today’s jazz.

Jazz will be present in all its forms: contemporary jazz, blues, swing, electro… and carried by the greatest artists of the French and European scene.

Crews of heritage boats get together to share their common passion and travel the 28 km of the navigable Erdre.

Preparing for the journey