Gathering places
Quai Ceineray
April to October, on the Erdre

Known and loved by locals, as ”the place to be” once the weather is clement and you feel like get- ting a drink by the water without having to leave downtown.

Inspired by the many laundry boats that once floated along the Erdre River in the 19th century, the Bateau Lavoir is the brainchild of François Delarozière and Pierre Oréfice, co-creators of the Machine de l’Île.

In a bohemian atmosphere this guinguette (open-air café and dance hall) welcomes the public for tapas in the evening and gets into “Retour du marché” mode on Sundays at lunch, where you can have a drink while enjoying what you’ve just purchased at the Talensac Market.

The banks of Erdre River

Want to see real floating islands, a laundry barge transformed into a tavern, and shelters for the local fauna and flora? Then the banks of the Erdre River are well worth a visit! Enjoy the certified river heritage and walks along the quaysides, take a break on sunny patio tables before visiting the Maison de l’Erdre on Île de Versailles, and see the converted houseboats that are moored there.

Île de Versailles

Covering 1.7 hectares. This artificial island created in 1831, was originally used by naval tanners and carpenters, before being turned into a Japanese style garden from 1983 onwards. The layout of the rock gardens and waterfalls intertwine with 3 Japanese inspired buildings. The ‘Maison de l’Erdre’ is home to a Zen garden and holds exhibitions on river life. 

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