Parc des Chantiers / Les Machines de l’Île
Les Machines de l’île et le Grand Éléphant

A bestiary of gigantic, living machines now escape from the Naves of Nantes’ former shipyards. This surprising space was dreamt up by François Delarozière and his theatre company, La Machine, which has set up its workshop here, as well as Pierre Orefice, co-creator of Les Machines de l’île.

All aboard for an amazing voyage on the back of a 12-metre (40-foot) tall elephant! This example of architecture in movement is four storeys tall, and can hold up to forty-nine passengers. It travels through the abovesaid Naves and offers a stunning view of the Loire River. But, beware of its trunk, or you might get soaked!

In the Galerie des Machines, a new universe comes to life: that of the Arbre aux Hérons (“Heron Tree”). An 8-metre (26-foot) tall heron flies over the large model of this ambitious project, where real vegetation grows alongside the mechanical plants and animals underneath the canopy.