Public transport
Urban transport network 'Naolib"

To travel in Nantes and to the urban agglomeration by bus, tramway and navibus.

The public transport network is managed by Naolib.

Free network for Pass Nantes holders

(and for all on weekends)

A diversified network :

3 tram lines (1, 2 and 3) which intersect in the heart of the city center

Bus network: around fifty classic lines, 8 Chronobus lines providing more frequent connections, two Busway lines, lines 4 and 5.

The Commerce stop is the central interchange hub.

No service on May 1.


In Nantes, artworks circulate to meet places and inhabitants.

With a bicycle

Bicycles are allowed on the tram all year round before 7am and after 7pm.
A maximum of 1 bicycle per authorised access indicated on the doors.

On Navibus 1 and 2, access is possible at any time for a maximum of 10 bikes and on the Erdre ferry for a maximum of 5 bikes.
Bicycles are not allowed on the bus or the busway.
In the tramway, bus, busway and Navibus it is possible to travel every day, all year round and without time restrictions with a folded bicycle with the following characteristics: compact size when folded, the various parts locked, the handlebars and pedals retractable, the chain and mechanism protected. Other folding bicycles must be transported in a bag, thus considered as hand luggage.

Continuing the journey