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Parc des Chantiers / HAB Galerie
Une ébauche lente à venir
Léopold Rabus and Till Rabus

From 3 March to 8 May 2023 at the HAB Galerie


Leopold and Till Rabus are two painters who are highly attentive to the world around them. By practicing their generous style of painting — one that is also humorous and ironic — they overturn conventional codes of beauty and art history.


Une ébauche lente à venir (“A sketch that is slow to come”) is the first major show in France to feature them together and show a hundred of their works, most of which are recent and some created exclusively for the exhibition.

Juxtaposed genre scenes, still lifes, and landscapes all dialogue with one another in a layout designed to immerse visitors in their painterly desires.

The snow, manure piles, chicken coops, and fields in Léopold Rabus’s paintings teem with a tribe of sublimated and strange animals: cows, slugs, birds, flies, dogs, deer… They find an echo in Till Rabus’s paintings, which are populated by bodies, trash, and different consumer objects in cleverly orchestrated, baroque, and exuberant compositions.

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Léopold Rabus, Oiseau u, 2022, Oil on wood, 23 x 15 cm, Artist’s collection © Léopold Rabus
Till Rabus, Acrobatic Still Life 10, 2020, Huile sur toile, 45 x 27 cm, Private collection © Till Rabus

Léopold Rabus (born 1977) and Till Rabus (born 1975) come from a family of artists in Neuchâtel, where they live and work. With their artist parents, Alex Rabus and Renate Rabus, the artists were immersed in a world of surrealism and parody from an early age.