2023 edition
Courtyard of the Hôtel de Châteaubriant, aka Hôtel de Briord
Maen Florin

Built in the late 15th century in the heart of the city, Hôtel de Châteaubriant is one of Nantes’ largest aristocratic mansions.

Since 2015, Maen Florin has created monumental pieces, sculpting primarily with ceramics.

Human representation is at the heart of her work, and she dreams up marginal characters that are often sourced in different bodies and personalities, from different historical periods – like Commedia dell’arte – antique artworks, or major figures in art history. These figures are often between emotional states or introspective, and Florin tries to capture the deep feelings in their expressions.

Le Voyage à Nantes has invited Maen Florin to present a series of works representing 4 of these characters, which seem to be ghosts of a bygone era. Even though each character’s expression is different, they all share the same tumultuous tranquility.

Maen Florin was born in 1954. She lives and works in Schelderode, near Ghent, Belgium.

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