2024 edition
Le lieu unique
Que puis-je pour vous ?
Lauren Lee McCarthy
June 21st — September 8th 2024

For her first exhibition in France, California artist Lauren Lee McCarthy questions the fragile boundary between technology and humanity in performances by placing herself in situations where she takes orders from an AI algorithm.

Assuming various roles that are normally controlled by computers – a personal assistant to families or the elderly, smart home services – the artist obeys user commands and finds humanity where we least expect it. In one particularly intimate and engaging project, she invited couples wishing to have a child to monitor a fictitious pregnancy. From conception to delivery, the future parents have complete control over her body via an application she developed especially for this. Whether by substituting herself for the machine or inviting artificial intelligence into our daily lives – and even our love lives – the artist raises universal and questions about care, our relationship to others, and power.

Exhibition curator: Thierry Fournier

Saliva, Lauren Lee McCarthy, 2022–Ongoing Can You See Me Now. AIA, Zurich, curated by !Mediengruppe Bitnik

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