2018 edition, Permanent art work
Cours Cambronne
Éloge de la transgression
Philippe Ramette

Philippe Ramette’s work offers off-kilter and quirky perspectives onto the world. Returning to the codes of classical sculpture, he has created a set of two Éloges (“Odes”) that can be found on Place du Bouffay and Cours Cambronne. This series does not pay tribute to the glory of a man, but to that of an attitude.

Designed as a public walkway lined with buildings and trees, the Cours Cambronne was named after General Cambronne, a figure whose statue, inaugurated in 1848, stands tall in its centre.

In Cours Cambronne, Éloge de la transgression depicts a schoolgirl climbing onto an empty pedestal. That is, unless she’s climbing off…? As always with Philippe Ramette, it’s all a question of perspective.

Philippe Ramette, Éloge de la transgression
Philippe Ramette, Éloge de la transgression