2018 edition
École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture
BX Pallas
Block Architectes

The architecture school of Nantes was designed by Lacaton & Vassal as a multi-level parking garage and a voluminess building of modular geometric proportions that now houses workshops, classes, amphitheatres, and more.

It is an architectural readymade – as if the architects wanted to say, “This is not a parking lot” but, instead, a collection of floor boards, ramps and wooden beams. With Bx pallas, Block Architectes have replied to Lacaton & Vassal by saying, “This is not a sign.” This installation uses the roof as if it were a parking lot, and the RV – a mini-habitat – refers to the theme of micro-architecture. The RV then backs up (and up!), inviting visitors to witness a zero-gravity trip. The object is smoothed out, “souped up” and wiped clean of any useless symbols. The cover on it eventually turns the work into a lit signal – or, in other words, a sign.