Le Chronographe
Center of archaeological interpretation

Le Chronographe takes visitors through the history of the ancient Gallo-Roman city of Ratiatum, which was discovered under the current town of Rezé and has been explored by archaeologists since the 1980s.

This project covers the archaeological site of Ratatium’s port, the Chapelle Saint-Lupien and the Centre for the Interpretation and Renewal of Heritage Sites, which is devoted to archaeological discoveries in Nantes and the surrounding region.

It is implanted at the heart of the archeological site of Saint-Lupien to Rezé and overhangs the chapel Saint-Lupien, as well as the vestiges of the old Gallo-Roman harbour district. Thanks to the digital, playful and interactive tools proposed in the permanent exhibition, the visitor experiments the methods of the archaeology and goes off to explore the history of Ratiatum. Center of metropolitan archaeological interpretation, Le Chronographe is at the heart of the archaeological current events of the metropolis and proposes a set of conferences, animations and temporary exhibitions.

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