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musée Jules Verne
Jules Verne Museum
Meet the most famous of Nantes' people

Housed in a large 19th century building, like a lookout post overlooking the Loire, at the very place where “Jules Verne must have often come to contemplate the river, where it becomes the gateway to the open sea and a path to adventure” (Julien Gracq, La Forme d’une ville), this museum, which is dedicated to his life, recreates the richness and diversity of his work. Manuscripts, books and documents, illustrations, posters, games and objects invite visitors to “journey to the centre” of Verne’s writing.

In summer, take the stairs to discover a garden that invites you to travel and enjoy a plant immersion that echoes the novels of the writer.

The Jules Verne mobile app

(re) discover Nantes, city of Jules Verne, alone, with your family or a group

A cultural and playful journey conceived by the students and teachers of Nicolas Appert high school in Nantes-Orvault, with the support Jules Verne’s Museum of Nantes Métropole.

Your smartphone will guide you with a free and simple app, available in 3 languages (French, English and Spanish).

You will find plenty of information and stories about Jules Verne and his work as well as  pictures, sounds, and geo-localized maps to enhance the texts.

Visiting everything or tailoring your visit, in one go or with a few breaks, on the spot or from home: you decide what you want to do.

Some mini-quiz and games will complete this tool for sightseeing tourism.


The Jules Verne mobile phone app

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