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musée Jules Verne
Jules Verne Museum
Meet the most famous of Nantes' people

Housed in a large 19th century building, like a lookout post overlooking the Loire, at the very place where “Jules Verne must have often come to contemplate the river, where it becomes the gateway to the open sea and a path to adventure” (Julien Gracq, La Forme d’une ville), this museum, which is dedicated to his life, recreates the richness and diversity of his work. Manuscripts, books and documents, illustrations, posters, games and objects invite visitors to “journey to the centre” of Verne’s writing.

In summer, take the stairs to discover a garden that invites you to travel and enjoy a plant immersion that echoes the novels of the writer.

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Hetzel and the ‘extraordinary journeys’ editorial strategy

From 28 June to 3 November 2024

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Twenty-thousand places: mapping Jules Verne around the world

Streets, squares, cafés, schools, statues, parks… The names of Jules Verne, his works and his characters can be found all over the world.

This interactive map is a tool for learning about and referencing these places of memory, which bear witness to the international scope of the cultural legacy of the author of Voyages extraordinaires. Explore its contents, or easily contribute to its enrichment by reporting your discoveries!

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Nantes is transforming

Nantes is changing to become an even more ecological, inclusive, and dynamic city. To do this, new public works will reinforce our already existing ecofriendly modes of transport: new tram lines, green zones for pedestrians and cyclists, and more. From 2024, these major urban projects will disrupt traffic around Les Machines de l’Île and Parc des Chantiers, with the Pont Anne-de-Bretagne bridge closed off to cars (the bridge will remain accessible to pedestrians and cyclists). Solutions will be offered throughout construction to make it easier for everyone to get around, like: increased frequency of several public transport lines, more Naolib bike-share bicycles, and more parking spots in park-and-ride lots.

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