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Major event, Show
Royal De Luxe
In Nantes and Saint-Herblain on 22, 23 and 24 September 2023

Nearly 30 years after their very first Giant appeared, street theatre company Royal de Luxe will be presenting a new performance in which two Dogs will be roaming the city’s streets, squares, and boulevards for 3 days, to put on a show you won’t forget!

During the first two days of their city exploration, the two dogs wake up, smell each other, prepare themselves, breathe in the asphalt like two conquerors ready to run after their craziest dreams. Each animal writes its own story. They’re so different. To the grace of the first one answers the strength of the second. The crowd waits, the pressure grows, each character will get ready according to their own methods, rites, and liturgy. The two Dogs go through intensive training. It constitutes in several trials testing their agility, speed and strength. The Bull Machin must pull Egyptian-style a bus put on its side on pine logs following the rhythm given by a drummer while the Xolo must travel a given distance loaded down like a mule with all sorts of objects and ridden by a princess straight out of the Arabian Nights tales.

Fortunately, our Dogs can enjoy some moments of respite and relaxation that allows them to recharge: for the Xolo, manicure with a grinder, hair do, play time with a scooter or a teddy bear, and for the Bull Machin, cigar break, relieve his thirst thanks to his giant bowl without forgetting to spit on a laughing audience. Then they each get a snack before going back to their own kennel, one under its parasol, surrounded by an ice wall and the other on a knob made of tire.

The crowd can sense the D-day approaching. This most anticipated day is the one of the race. Of the battle between the Xolo and the Bull Machin during the Grand Prix, with their colorful jerseys.

Throughout this unique race of more than 1 km, several key moments are filled with difficulties, with even a dangerous turn to spice it up! The two champions are galvanized by two eccentric comedians analyzing the race live.

Full speed departure. The departure is checked by the race director, who’s a bit strange and day-dreaming, and then at the gunshot from the Giant revolver, an army of Lilliputians, wearing red for the Bull Machin and blue for the Xolo sets off to ride their Dog’s machine, along the cheers of the crowd. No titleholder, as during the last race in Villeurbanne, the two rivals were tied.

During the race. The two Dogs attack, counter-attack, the Lilliputians break but saddle right back up, adopting different strategies. One can be the victim of an accident, which can force them make a pit stop for a change of paw, and end the race with a prosthesis, fitted in record time by a mechanics battalion! Antidoping controls, food and water stops, and signings of lap count sheet give rhythm to this frantic race. The weather – rain or high temperatures as well as the ground type can disturb the race, creating an additional obstacle. Everything is there, and it is then magic, the Lilliputians are full of courage, abnegation, wanting to suffer while rejecting pain, wishing to win, pride to finish, tears are starting to blurry eyes, rivalries, camaraderie, acceleration, braking, acceleration… The finish line, absolute triumph. After a magnificent battle and crossing the finish line, the two Dogs meet again on a big scene for the prize ceremony, a dinosaur bone! And ready to start on other circuits, other macadams around the world…

Royal de Luxe - Le Bull Machin de Villeurbanne