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Le lieu unique
Marée Métal
Jacques Perconte

Since the early 2000s, computer art pioneer Jacques Perconte has been using video compression to create abstract landscapes in motion. From Normandy to the tops of the Alps, from the depths of Scotland to the Dutch polders, he travels the world and passionately films the elements.

His work has been projected in cinemas, galleries, art centres and on stage through myriad collaborations. Regardless of the form they take – films, performances, printed photos, or installations – his works are the result of continuous experiments that challenge and push the limits of moving images. Altering pixels like a painter might mix pigments, the artist sees himself as an alchemist capturing light’s journey into matter. Not unlike an Impressionist painter who diffracts colour through brushstrokes to suggest a changing landscape, he endlessly dilates and alters his images to offer a new vision of the world.

Although initially interested in nature as a raw material for his visual experiments, this immersion into the heart of the elements gradually led to the birth of Perconte’s ecological conscience, which can now be seen in his approach, which is equal parts aesthetic, sensitive, and political.

In an installation made up of multiple projections, the public walks through landscapes revealing large video windows that open onto a living, vibrant world that speaks to both the body and the mind. This exhibition marks a turning point in Jacques Perconte’s oeuvre. For the first time, his singular visual approach has a documentary element to it, where words are meant to be in keeping with the imminent ecological crisis.

Jacques Perconte was born in 1974 in Grenoble. He lives and works between Paris and Rotterdam.