Ponton Belem
Le Belem
Three-masted ship with square lighthouse and steel hull
May 30th — June 5th 2023

The last of the great French merchant ships of the 19th century still sailing.

The Belem was built in 1896 in the Dubigeon shipyards in Nantes. The city has remained its home port and he returns regularly for nautical events or simple stopovers, once or several times a year. On these occasions, the Belem is open for visits.

The self-guided tour of the Belem offers a journey through time guided by 20 panels spread over the three levels of the ship and printed on boat sails. These panels describe the use of the 17 spaces presented, while recalling their different roles and successive transformations. More technical panels explain the specificities of the rigging and characteristics of the ship. Each visitor receives a very complete guidebook and can ask questions to the crew members who are mobilized to share their knowledge and passion.