CCN Ballet de Lorraine
July 28th — 30th 2024

For this summer’s 2024 Olympics, Nantes will be hosting the men’s and women’s football tournaments at Stade de la Beaujoire stadium.

In this playful city, where art and sport have long gone hand-in-hand – as can be seen by recreational works like L’Arbre à basket (ALT/A), On va marcher sur la Lune (Detroit Architectes and Bruno Peinado) and Ping Pong Park (Laurent Perbos) – what better way to celebrate this event than by inviting the Ballet de Lorraine dance company to perform Discofoot at the Feydball?

They danced up a storm at last year’s La Nuit du Van, and the teams will be facing off again at the Olympic Village, Club 24 – which will be hosting a wide range of activities during the Olympics in Nantes.

Discofoot is both a performance and a football match, using the traditional rules of soccer – only here, the performers combine a pre-established choreography with limitless possibilities for improvisation.

That said, they must all respect one golden rule: no running. The only way to play is… to dance! Each team is assessed by a panel of judges, who award points the same way one would in a figure-skating competition. The aim is not only to score goals, but also to be as creative as possible!

The Olympic Games in Nantes

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