2024 edition
Bonjour humains, ici les arbres
July 6th — September 8th 2024

Bonjour humains, ici les arbres takes us out to meet the trees in our towns and villages – these neighbours of ours who are both so familiar, and so little-known.

These seemingly immobile (but actually moving) living beings endure time and space. Their slow but steady development extends over tens, or even hundreds of years. They are confronted with the frantic rhythms and movements of our territories. Their leaves, roots, trunks, and wood bear witness to their species, to the passage of time, and to the environment in which they live.
As part of the exhibition, the École supérieure du bois de Nantes (ESB) which specializes in wood trades, and Paul Corbineau – an artist who tells stories using wood – invite you inside an original xylotheque inspired by the unique collections at ESB and the natural history museum.

An exhibition designed and set up by Anne Ouellette and Rebecca Taylor, designers of narrative experiences, in collaboration with Fibois, Paul Corbineau, the “Nature et Jardins” Department, the CAUE and the ESB.