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2020 edition
Parc des Chantiers / HAB Galerie
Automatic Revolution
Martine Feipel et Jean Bechameil

Feipel & Bechameil are sculptors, researchers and amateur engineers who are deeply sensitive to the world’s beauty and theatricality, creating art with an approach that is sociohistorical, aesthetic, political and technical.

Using humour, ingenuity and curiosity, they draw inspiration from 20th century architecture, art, history and politics to build a body of work that speaks about our modernity when faced with contemporary questions concerning the growing automatization or our everyday lives. ln this exhibition, Feipel & Bechameil usurp industrial robotics techniques and apply them to creating artworks.

ln doing so, they seize industrial PLCs, or Programmable Logic Controllers – technology that is generally inaccessible to individuals and which usually pilots factory engines or the distribution of electricity. They program these PLCs to generate actions in their works, producing movement, light, and sound. Automatic Revolution is thus an exhibition in movement where every sculpture takes its turn to perform its own score. Drawings, sound scores, banners and films complete this ballet, opening up different perspectives in Feipel & Bechameil’s work -artists who are open to all types of media and always curious to learn about technique and craft.

Martine Feipel was barn in 1975 in Luxembourg. Jean Bechameil was barn in 1964 in Paris. They have worked together since 2008 and currently live in Brussels. Martine Feipel studied visual art at the UdK in Berlin and Central Saint Martins in London. Jean Bechameil attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris and the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. He has aise worked to design the sets on a variety of films, including several of Lars Von Trier’s.

ln addition to being selected in 2011 to represent Luxembourg for the 54th Venice Biennale, Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil have aise been invited to participate in several international exhibitions and cultural events – for instance at the Kunstmuseum in Bonn, the Pavillon de I’ Arsenal in Paris, the Beaufort Triennale in Belgium, and the Nuit Blanche in Paris, to name only a few. They are represented by galleries Zidoun & Bossuyt in Luxembourg, the Patinoire Royale and Galerie Valérie Bach in Brussels, as well as Galerie Fontana in Amsterdam.

HAB GALERIE - Automatic Revolution - Martine Feipel et Jean Bechameil - Le Voyage à Nantes 2020
HAB GALERIE - Automatic Revolution - Martine Feipel et Jean Bechameil - Le Voyage à Nantes 2020

Une exposition réalisée grâce au soutien du Focuna – Fonds culturel national du Luxembourg.