2016 edition
Aurélien Bory

The boulevard separates the ‘Design Quarter’ and the Parc des Chantiers. In an attempt to improve the coexistence of cars, bicycles, and pedestrians, the artist Aurélien Bory designed a “wavy” boulevard.

Ignoring traditional straight, regimented lines, he chose a more poetic interpretation of pedestrian road-crossings, with generous, wavy lines linking the two banks of the boulevard, criss-crossing four large platforms. The result is a lively and chaotic flow of lines, far from the rectilinear nature of run-of-the-mill pedestrian passages.

The refusal to use a straight line is the guiding principle of this project: no rectilinear line exists on this boulevard, where the road markings are made up entirely of slight curves. So, don’t bother looking for the shortest path — there isn’t one!

Traverses, Aurélien Bory
Traverses, Aurélien Bory