2015 edition, 2016 edition
La Cantine du Voyage
Skate Ô Drome
Collectif Fichtre

The association unity 4 ride has devised the Skate Ô Drome: a hair-raising playground resulting from the malicious mash-up of a running track, a velodrome and a skatepark. In this closed circuit, jammed with hairpin turns and complicated by a central hump, prepare to be wowed and thrilled, whether on your own or with a friend.

The Skate Ô Drome is a centrifuge of the senses, for both absolute beginners and experienced riders alike. Its design and construction were entrusted to Collectif Fichtre who have once again turned space into a playground.

Collectif Fichtre, Skate Ô drome

A proposal by Unity 4 Ride

Conception and realization: Collectif Fichtre