2012 edition
32e étage, Tour Bretagne
Le Nid
Jean Jullien - closed

Inaugurated in 1976, the Tour Bretagne weighs 80 000 tonnes, has a water reservoir of 90 000 litres, and towers over the city at a height of 144 m (472 feet), giving the 32nd floor a 360° panoramic view of Nantes and its surroundings.

Jean Jullien, a fêted artist in the international world of graphic design, was entrusted with organizing this space. Born in Nantes, he now works and lives in London. Directly inspired by popular culture from cartoons to video games, from his childhood and today, he offers a delicate and fanciful universe, emphasized by the “handmade” aspect of his work.

Le Nid is home to an enormous white bird – half-stork, half-heron – who sleepily watches over the city, and its reassuring presence invites spectators to come contemplate the view. Its broad body also doubles as a bar. As if leaping out of a Jean Jullien drawing, gigantic eggshells transform into seats and tables and, on the walls, the artist’s hand has immortalized the city’s emblematic spots on bright posters.