2017 edition
Place du Bouffay
La part manquante
Boris Chouvellon

In Place Bouffay, sparkling layers of salt cover the ground and call to mind the forced absence of water, the nearby ocean, or… a flood that might have invaded Nantes. At its heart, a steel and concrete Ferris wheel has a missing part and stands perfectly still, like some abandoned monument. Instead of seats, palm trees  (a symbol of immortality, and the standard vegetation found along ocean fronts) alternate with backhoe buckets (used in construction and archaeology). Mixing humour and disillusion, Boris Chouvellon’s works can be seen as ruins from a future society projected onto a disenchanted world. Boris Chouvellon, through this raw sculpture, reverses the relationship between what is precious and what is not, between work and rest, between presence andabsence.