2018 edition, Permanent art work
Terrasse du restaurant Felix
Atelier Vecteur

Like a platform hanging between the river bank and canal, this strange vertical structure hugs the embankment and curls up inside it.

The architecture and design collective Atelier Vecteur is adding their touch to another part of the city after its Oscillation project (a temporary work built for the 2016 edition of  Le Voyage à Nantes). This experiment takes the form of a massive reedbed, balancing between the river and the bank, across from the train station’s southern exit. This overhanging stage offers a buffer in the city that breaks with the rhythm of the daily grind and hosts the outdoor terrace of the Félix brasserie (chef Jean-Yves Guého).

Intermède, Atelier Vecteur
Intermède, Atelier Vecteur

Atelier Vecteur also made

Cité Nantes events center

On the former isle of ‘La Madeleine’, nestled between St-Félix canal and the Loire river, the Cité Nantes events center designed by architect Dominique Lyon hosts the music festival “La Folle Journée”, in addition to a variety of performances and a large number of international conferences.

Bassin Saint-Félix

This canal lock was opened in 1934 and now regulates water levels after it freed the city from tidal coefficients and the whims of the Loire. Today, it is part of the new Loire riverside path stretching from Île de Nantes to Pont Éric Tabarly bridge.