Bac Couëron <> Le Pellerin et Bac Basse-Indre <> Indret
Ferries on the Loire
On foot, by bike or by car

With the ferry, cross the river for free at two points: between Basse-Indre and Indret and between Couëron and Le Pellerin.

With the whole family by bike, take the 2 ferries for a ride.
Start from Nantes towards Indre and take the ferries to cross the river. For lunch, recharge your batteries with a well-deserved pancake at the Restaurant la Martinière.

Practical :
Easy 56 km round trip: Nantes > The Mountain > Indret (ferry) Indre > Couëron (ferry) Le Pellerin > Indret (ferry) Indre > Nantes (possibility to take the train in Couëron to go back to Nantes, 33 km trip).

The musts of the day

  • In Nantes, Les Anneaux by Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain.
  • In Rezé, Trentemoult, an old fishing village on the banks of the Loire and Le Pendule de Roman Signer
  •  In Port-Lavigne (Bouguenais), The Settlers by Sarah Sze
  • In Saint-Jean de Boiseau, Le Château du Pé and Jeppe Hein’s Did I miss something?
  • At the Canal de la Martinière (Le Pellerin), Misconceivable by Erwin Wurm called “the soft boat”. 
Discover all the works on the Estuary trail

If you are in Indre, a small tour of the market with local producers in a magnificent setting on the banks of the Loire, on Sunday morning (from 8am to 1.30pm).

Let’s get organized: