Le Voyage à Nantes 2022 edition

From 2 July to 11 September 2022

For its 11th edition, Le Voyage à Nantes has chosen to invest in new sites and explore new areas of the city by extending its green line.

A daring 2022 programme thanks to large indoor exhibitions and artists who take on the public space.


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Parcours Inter-Écoles

Île de Nantes – Campus de l’art

Île de Nantes is a must for any trip to Nantes. Visitors here discover landmark works, like those of Nathalie Talec or Lilian Bourgeat, yet they are often unaware of the artistic and cultural activity that reigns throughout its post-secondary institutions. In 2022, new attractions are popping up all over Île de Nantes, taking visitors off the beaten path to discover the talents abounding on the Campus de l’art (or “Art Campus”). From installations to exhibitions, the students attending these excellent schools shake up the neighborhood and give it a new colour, proving they will design the city of tomorrow.

During the summer of 2022, the inter-school route will be distinguished from the green line by the work of illustrator and graphic designer Guillaumit, who will create lively and colourful frescoes inspired by the architecture of the schools.

The artist Guillaumit plays with visual arts and graphic design. Many of his works exist in public spaces, mixing graphic codes and signage. At one bend in the green line, follow the call of his graphic mosaics and discover the inter-school itinerary. If you take a closer look at Guillaumit’s work, you will be able to recognize the architectural elements of the buildings he illustrates.


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