The southernmost of the Bretons ports

The Côte de Jade and the Pays de Retz

From Nantes, join Pornic and its country. The high city with its sailors’ houses, winding streets, the lower city with its port, its villas, its beaches. Follow the coast to Préfailles, Pointe Saint-Gildas (semaphore), Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef (biscuiterie Saint-Michel), Saint-Brévin.

At the gates of Brittany and Vendée and in the heart of the Presqu’île de Retz, Pornic, is the southernmost of the Bretons ports. Active throughout the year, the urban and port complex developed around the medieval historic center and the seaside neighborhoods “Belle Epoque” radiates on a 14 km coastline. Here the cliffs, sometimes 30 meters high, balconies open on the Atlantic, cut this threshold of Armorique from numerous coves with blond sand.