Park and garden
Parc de Procé

Merry-go-round, kiddies slides, tea room… Playgrounds and paddling pool rue des Dervallières, in front of the park

A former “private park for the bourgeois” and has all the charm of a London park. Remarkable trees have been planted here, some are hundreds of years old: Service trees, Atlas cedars, sequoias. The manor house was built in 1789, and in front of it stands a magnificent Virginia tulip tree, which happens to be one of the oldest in France and is equal in size to those growing in the south-east of the US. In spring, the park is prettily decorated by the azalea and camelia borders.

Along the Chézine stream is a mixed border and a collection of dahlias and fuchsias which are particularly attractive in summer. The 4 main sculptures at the top end represent agriculture, forest, botany and sculpture and come from the former Trocadero in Paris.