Quartier Bouffay
Medieval Houses
The tracks of the Middle Ages are district of Bouffay

In spite of the plethora of 18th and 19th century houses, there do remain wooden-fronted stone houses in the medieval quarter.

Timber-framed houses

Place du Change, “the Apothecary’s House”. A timber-framed construction with three-storeys of decorative corbels topped by a slate-covered gable. Wooden beams and statuettes on its facade. These days it houses a restaurant.

rue de la Baclerie n°8
rue Bossuet n°5 and 6
rue des Carmes n°19 and 21
rue de la Juiverie n°7
rue St Pierre n°15

Stone buildings

rue Fenelon n°3
rue des Carmélites n°16
rue St Pierre n°1
rue St Jean : the hotel Saint-Aignan has a highly decorative facade

La Psalette
When going around the cathedral via l’impasse Saint-Laurent you will come across the charming Psalette; a square used for choir practice built around a former 15th century mansion.

The + : on certain houses the number plaques contain the letter “P”. These plaques (black numbers on white background) date back to pre 19th century. The letter “P” stands for “puits” which means water well, and is therefore practical in case of fire !