Hangar 32
Showroom of the Île de Nantes project

Industrial heritage, contemporary architecture, the environment and biodiversity, the development of mobility, and new ways of living in the city… these are among the many questions at the centre of a massive urban project for l’Île de Nantes. 

Using scale models, maps or videos, Hangar 32 presents the major stakes of an ongoing urban transformation, with past projects and new ones to come. Nantes-based artist Pierrick Sorin also offers a wacky vision of the reconstruction of Quai des Antilles via one of his works.

The next step for l’Île de Nantes is the urbanization of 80 hectares (200 acres), allowing for the construction of a new University Hospital that will open between 2023 and 2025.

This summer, the exhibition reveals an exclusive preview of the winning architecture project, the main issues for this future hospital, the opinions of the major players, and more