Permanent art work
Stations gourmandes
A project created by the city's park and environment DPT

The Stations Gourmandes – set up as part of the 2012 edition of Le Voyage à Nantes, and adored by the public, who came in droves to picnic and handpick fresh fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs – are back!

These tiny urban orchards and vegetable gardens offer even more this year in order to favour greater biodiversity, like raspberry and currant bushes, cherry, peach, plum, and even apple trees… all of which have already been visited by bees, bumblebees, aphids and ladybugs. They are all quite varied and come with flowers for honey bees, host plants for caterpillars and butterflies, nest boxes for birds and even insect hotels.

Please wait until fruits and vegetables are fully ripe before picking them. Please pick in moderation. Wash before eating.
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Other places in the following neighbourhoods: Malakoff, Breil, Clos Toreau, Square Vertais, Bellevue, Port Boyer, Nantes Nord.


Map of the gourmet stops in Nantes

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